HI ︎ Nice to meet you here! You can call me “Pin”. I am a UX/UI & Interaction designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. I am passionate about crafting meaningful experiences between users and digital products. I love to bridge the gap between technology and human behavior, designing intuitive and delightful interfaces that enhance usability and engagement.


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In Between 

Project overview : 

In Between, an AR-powered project within the spatial interaction module, offers visitors at Stadionbrache a mesmerizing glimpse into the hidden underground world.

Role & Responsibility : 

Interaction designer - create engaging and intuitive user experiences for digital platforms, blending design principles, user research, and technology.

In collaboration with: 

Nicola Bischof, Miguel Seabra, Dzhuliia Kolodko, Plengpai Ratnajarn and Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

In Between stands as an extraordinary and captivating endeavor meticulously developed within the spatial interaction module, leveraging the cutting-edge advancements of augmented reality (AR) technology. With utmost dedication and visionary insight, our innovative project unfolds to unveil the enigmatic depths of the underground world to the esteemed individuals who grace Stadionbrache with their presence. Through the seamless fusion of imaginative artistry and technological ingenuity, we have crafted an unparalleled experiential journey that transcends the boundaries of ordinary perception, transporting visitors into a realm of hidden wonders and awe-inspiring discoveries. 
With each interactive encounter, In Between invites participants to embark upon an immersive exploration, embracing the ethereal fusion of physical and virtual dimensions, as they navigate the intricate layers of the underground with an ever-growing sense of wonder, curiosity, and enlightenment. By merging the realms of the tangible and the digital, our creation engenders an unparalleled synergy, captivating the senses, stimulating intellectual inquiry, and evoking a profound appreciation for the enthralling secrets that lie beneath the surface.