HI ︎ Nice to meet you here! You can call me “Pin”. I am a UX/UI & Interaction designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. I am passionate about crafting meaningful experiences between users and digital products. I love to bridge the gap between technology and human behavior, designing intuitive and delightful interfaces that enhance usability and engagement.


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The last few years presented us with a lot of challenges. As a global community we face many ethical, social, economic, political, and environmental dilemmas. How will we re-build peace in the world and, equally important, in our inner world? The time has come to dust ourselves off, look to the future and think about what to do next. Our “house” needs to be re-built. From scratch? A smooth change? A radical change?

Role & Responsibility :

- UX/UI designer for TEDxZurich in Marketing team.

- Responsible for designing and coding landing page of TEDxZurich’23 event and taking care of the TEDxZurich website in general.

TEDxZuirch'23 (Re-building)