HI ︎ Nice to meet you here! You can call me “Pin”. I am a UX/UI & Interaction designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. I am passionate about crafting meaningful experiences between users and digital products. I love to bridge the gap between technology and human behavior, designing intuitive and delightful interfaces that enhance usability and engagement.


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Viva yoga app 

Project overview :
Introducing the Viva Yoga mobile app, designed to bring the convenience and effectiveness of booking yoga classes to your fingertips, anytime and anywhere. Whether you're a surfer, traveler, or remote worker, our app is tailored to cater to your needs.

Role & Responsibility : 

UI/UX designers - Conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, and iterating on designs.

The problem : Surfers, travelers and workers have uncertain schedule and not sure when they can do yoga throughout the day.

The goal : Design an app for Viva Yoga that allows usersto easily book effectively anytime, anywhere.

User research: Through interviews and empathy mapping, I gained insights into the needs of the users I'm designing for. One primary user group identified was surfers who align their schedules with wave conditions. This group confirmed the initial assumptions about Viva Yoga customers. However, further research highlighted that wave conditions are not the only limiting factor for booking yoga classes at the studio. Users also face challenges related to obligations, interests, and other factors that make it difficult for them to book classes or visit the yoga studio in person.
Pain point: 

- Surfers, who plan their schedules around wave conditions, struggle with limited time for booking yoga classes.

- Existing platforms lack assistive technologies, making it challenging for users with disabilities to access and book classes.

- Text-heavy menus in apps create difficulties in navigation and hinder the booking process for time-constrained users.

User story



Project’s documentation Clickable prototype