HI ︎ Nice to meet you here! You can call me “Pin”. I am a UX/UI & Interaction designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. I am passionate about crafting meaningful experiences between users and digital products. I love to bridge the gap between technology and human behavior, designing intuitive and delightful interfaces that enhance usability and engagement.


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Project overview :

Wholesome app is the application about automated & personalized
financial goals to have 

Role & Responsibility : 

To create user-friendly and visually appealing digital experiences. I create wireframes and prototypes, design interactive elements, and ensure a cohesive visual design.

In collaboration with: 

Michelle Vega Mayer, Marija Smilijkovic, University of Zurich, Zurich University of the Arts, UBS and AXA

User research 

The participants in this user research, aged between 18 and 35 years old, have an average age of 25 years. Among them, six individuals are employed full-time, three are engaged in part-time work or studying, and one person is a full-time student.

We have conducted research about habit and finance in which later we decided to focus on 3rd pillar. The results indicated that 2 out of 10 individuals have a 3rd pillar account. One of them was influenced by their father to open the account but does not actively invest in it. The other participant has a 3rd pillar account but doesn't particularly like it and only invests a small amount.

Pain Point 

The participants face several pain points with their 3rd pillar accounts, such as encountering challenges in accessing funds when needed, feeling unprepared or lacking confidence in their investment abilities, experiencing a sense of laziness or reluctance to actively engage in investment activities, and dealing with limited financial resources that hinder their ability to contribute substantial amounts to their accounts.